BLM Considers Limiting Development On Wilderness-Type Areas Near Rawlins

Apr 18, 2014

Wyoming's Red Desert.
Credit Joe Kiesecker

The Bureau of Land Management is considering protecting some areas in the Red Desert because of their scenic qualities.

The agency’s Sheila Lehman says they’re considering amending the Rawlins Resource Management Plan, to limit development on parcels of land with important wilderness characteristics.

“There’s the potential to maybe be able to preserve it a little bit more, or by mitigating certain things to keep that quality – that wilderness quality,” Lehman said.

Environmental groups are pleased.

“Some of these are some of the Red Desert’s most outstanding crown jewel landscapes,” said Erik Molvar with Wild Earth Guardians. “It’s critically important that these areas get protected from future industrial use."

The BLM is taking public comments on the potential amendment for the next two weeks.