BioBlitz: Wyomingites Capture The Ecosystem For Future Research

Jul 15, 2020


The BioBlitz asks people in Wyoming to take pictures of wildlife and plants so that scientists can get a snapshot of the ecosystem in the state. 

The project is being conducted by Audubon Rockies and the University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute. Project coordinator Mason Lee said the BioBlitz will provide data on all kinds of organisms.

"Basically a BioBlitz is just documenting every natural living thing in a certain region, so it's kind of a window into what the environment looks like at that point in time," said Lee. "So we'll have people that will go out and document any plant they see, any fungus they see, any insect, bird, mammal, reptile, or amphibian."

Pictures are submitted to a phone app, and scientists will identify the species. The data will be publicly available for any scientist to use in their work.

Registering online is available at the BioBlitz website. The event runs July 17-19.

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