Bill Proposes A Hike On State Park Fees

Jan 17, 2017

Credit Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails

The tight economic times have prompted many Wyoming agencies to look at where they can raise more money and Wyoming State Parks is no different.

The legislature’s Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee is proposing to give the parks program more flexibility to set daily pass and campground fees as they see fit, rather than keeping a cap on fees as it is currently.

Jackson Representative Mike Gierau sits on the committee and says Wyoming State Park Fees are cheaper than other states. 

“[In] some states, daily park fees are upwards of $15, $20 a day where here they’re $4 or $5 a day. [It would] just give State Parks an opportunity to get a little closer to an equilibrium.”

Gierau says he’s confident Wyoming residents will gladly pay more to visit state parks when they recognize it as a small way to help the state’s budget woes.

The bill now moves to the house for further debate.