Bill creating an appointed Education Director position clears one more hurdle

Jan 22, 2013

The House Appropriations Committee voted unanimously to endorse a bill that would remove duties from the State Superintendent and transfer them to an appointed Director. Lawmakers say that Superintendent Hill has not met deadlines and has delayed execution of duties such as creating education accountability programs. 

Superintendent Cindy Hill testified that her department has not missed deadlines and continues to be willing to work with legislators.  A number of citizens urged the Committee to defeat the bill.  Cheyenne resident Susan Gore joined many others in saying that the legislation takes away the will of the people who voted for Hill.

“It appears the controversy is being used to create a new position that is unaccountable and unelected.  And that would subvert the founders intent in providing for a publicly elected position,” said Gore.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Keith Gingery testified that the committee might be wise just to create a Director of Assessment and not go as far as the bill intends.

“I’d almost rather find a bill that everyone can agree on, finding those duties that maybe she agrees to relinquish, so that we have an agreement and that we don’t end up in court.  Because I see this dragging on for the next two years,” said Gingery.

The committee did not make any changes to the bill.  It now heads to the House floor for further debate.