Bill Could Improve Mobile Homeowners' Economic Mobility

Feb 20, 2017


Wyoming is among the states with the highest proportion of people living in mobile homes, but they don’t have the same rights as other homeowners.

House Bill 56, which is now before the Senate, will fix an oversight in how mobile homes are titled.

Sundance Representative Tyler Lindholm sponsored the bill after he heard from a constituent who was struggling to get a title because he needed one that assessed his mobile home and his land as one piece of property. And without an accurate title, he couldn’t get a loan or mortgage on his property. Lindholm says this causes a headache for financial institutions, and ultimately limits the economic mobility of mobile homeowners.

“It affects a huge amount of people who have gone through this problem over the years,” said Lindholm. “And it closes this loop hole in our law where people will actually be able to get loans on their property if they so choose.”

Currently, Lindholm said, many mobile homeowners are stuck in limbo. “Banks won’t deal with them, and title companies are scrambling to get them a title but they can’t because of this little tiny hole in Wyoming law.”

The bill clarifies the transfer of titles for mobile homes from one owner to another, and takes into account that the mobile home might be moving from one piece of land to another.

Lindholm said in a state with a significant ratio of Wyoming’s population living in mobile homes, he anticipates this bill could help a lot of people.