Bighorn Canyon Rangers Hold Speaker Series

Feb 26, 2021

Devil's Canyon, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, MT
Credit Maciej Ciupa Flickr

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area rangers and Powell Valley Community Education are joining forces for a series of four education talks at Northwest College and online.

The series doesn't concentrate on any specific theme but hopes to educate the public on different topics that Bighorn Canyon rangers are passionate about.

Christy Fleming, Bighorn Canyon chief of interpretation, said the idea is to reach out to the community.

"If we don't have people come to the park, we can go to people in the places where they're at," she said.

The first presentation is on George Washington's life. The following month it will be a presentation on archaeology.

Fleming's presentation will focus on Caroline Lockhard, a famous Cody journalist in the early 1900s.

"Caroline Lockhart took characters in her own life, and created the characters in her books. And sometimes those characters in her own life were very thinly disguised, Fleming said. "I know she got in trouble with the Cody folks because they saw themselves in maybe not the best way in her books."

The presentation in May will focus on the best trails to hike in the Bighorn Canyon region. The series starts this month and runs through May. They can be watched on Facebook as well as in person.