Betsy Krahenbuhl - Cheyenne WY

Feb 11, 2015

Credit Betsy & Dick Krahenbuhl

Shortly after I first moved to Cheyenne (from New York and Vermont) in 1978 I asked at the local news store if they carried the New York Times; the clerk, admittedly young, asked: "Is that a newspaper?"

I feared I had landed at the ends of the world! Soon after I discovered KUWR and I was saved! First Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition and All Things Considered; then Morning Music with Don Woods, BBC News, Fresh Air, Wyoming news with Bob Beck and his crew, later Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! Now Grady Kirkpatrick and Paul Montoya, Here and Now - it just gets better and better. 

You have enriched my life immeasurably. We recently moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, a lovely place, but after two days we realized we longed for everything about Wyoming, including KUWR, so we quickly turned the loaded truck loaded around and headed back, thrilled to be home and close to KUWR! Heartfelt thanks to you all for many many years of joy.