As Barrasso Declares Victory, Trauner Prepares To Run Against Him

Aug 21, 2018


Wyoming’s incumbent U.S. Senator John Barrasso beat out his closest rival with 60 percent of the vote to win the Republican nomination. Investor Dave Dodson took roughly 30 percent even though he poured a million dollars into his own campaign. Barrasso said he came out victorious because Wyomingites gave him credit for the positive direction of the economy.

“There’s a confidence and an optimism and an upbeat nature now in Wyoming that the country and the state are headed in the right direction,” said Barrasso. “Wages are up, more jobs are available. And I heard that everywhere I went around the state, people saying, ‘Keep up the good work.’”

Next, Barrasso will face off against Democrat Gary Trauner, a businessman from Teton County. Trauner recognized it’s an uphill battle for a Democrat to run against an incumbent Republican in Wyoming, but he thinks he has one edge.

“Really, what gets me the most notice I think is when I talk about country before party. I think people are fed up with blind partisanship,” said Trauner.

Voters will choose between them in the general election November 6.