August 3rd, 2018


Biodiversity Institute Closure Raises Questions About UW's Commitment To Community Engagement

One of the main goals of the University of Wyoming’s strategic plan is to positively impact Wyoming communities through learning outreach programs, and through collaborations that make academic expertise relevant in our daily lives. UW’s Biodiversity Institute is emblematic of this vision. But an administrative decision to close it down has raised doubts about the university’s commitment to its own goals.

Western Lawmakers Push For More Fire Funding

Fires continue to burn in many parts of the west and officials are bracing for a long, grueling and even deadlier fire season than they’re used to. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso chairs the Environment Committee where he oversees the nation’s forests.  

At Public Libraries, Get Your Tax Forms, Summer Reading Lists, And … Opioid Overdose Kits

When you to go your local library you might expect to pick up the latest beach read or get some internet time on a computer. But how about a dose of naloxone - the opioid reversal drug? Well look likes our region may be home to the first library in the country to keep this drug behind the counter. The Mountain West News Bureau’s Erik Neumann reports.

A Documentary Explores Two Different Communities Living In The Heart Mountain Barracks

A documentary and book explores what happened to the barracks at Heart Mountain detention camp for Japanese Americans after World War Two. The film released in December 2017, “Moving Walls: The Barracks of America’s Concentration Camps,” tells the little-known story of how hundreds of the barracks were sold to veterans to homestead in Northwest Wyoming. Sharon Yamato, the filmmaker, wanted to explore the connection between these two different communities in an effort to create a dialogue. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska asked Yamato what was the significance of the barracks to the homesteaders.

Charlie Hardy Takes Another Crack At Public Office As A Republican

Longtime political candidate Charlie Hardy is taking another run at public office. Hardy, who’s run as an independent and a Democrat is now running against Senator John Barrasso as a Republican. Hardy is someone who says he doesn’t believe in political parties, but he always considered himself an Eisenhower Republican and that’s why he says he’s suited for this race. He speaks with Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck. 

Barn-To-Yarn, Farm-To-Table: Entrepreneurship In One Corner Of Wyoming

When you hear the word entrepreneur, you might think of someone in their garage building Facebook, Apple, or some new world-changing app. But right here in a tiny corner of southeast Wyoming, in a twenty-six-mile radius, three women are taking entrepreneurship back to its roots… using local sensibilities and old-fashioned techniques to sell products. 

Republican Candidates For Governor Enter Home Stretch Of Campaigning Before Primary

The primary election takes place Aug. 21 and candidates are hitting the home stretch of campaigning. If you’re a Republican, you are probably aware of the election due to the countless mailers you’ve been getting. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck has been following the campaign for governor and joins Caroline Ballard for an overview of the primary race.

Wyoming Looks Forward To Another Dominant Season On Defense

Two years ago Wyoming’s defense struggled and last season it was one of the best in the nation. The Cowboys ranked number one in the nation in takeaways, 9th in scoring defense, and 23rd overall. This season many publications say Wyoming will have one of the ten best defenses in the country.