August 17th, 2018

Credit Wyoming Humanities Council

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New Exhibits Will Teach Wyomingites About Wind River Tribes

For years, Wind River reservation tribal advocates have suggested that Wyoming students lack access to authentic education about the state’s Native American heritage.  Some said that has led to insensitive or even racist encounters when tribal sports teams travel to other school districts. But last year, lawmakers passed a bill called Indian Education For All that will require schools to teach the history and culture of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone as part of the social studies curriculum statewide. To help do that, the Wyoming Humanities Council has now developed exhibits to be placed in all Wyoming’s school districts and library systems. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with Humanities Council Director Shannon Smith to learn more.

Jazz Musician Herb Alpert On Music, Magic And Listening With Your Soul

If you’ve know this … A Taste of Honey … then you know Herb Alpert. 50-some odd years later and the jazz musician is still going strong, with new albums and a tour. And his art isn’t confined to just music – Alpert is also a visual artist, creating sculptures and abstract expressionist paintings that have shown in museums around the world. Over the next couple of months, both his music and his art will come to Wyoming, with an exhibition at a gallery in Jackson, and performances in Jackson and Sheridan. He joined Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard to talk about how he started creating visual art in the first place.

School On The Move

Last year education reporter Tennessee Watson discovered that Wyoming would no longer run the federally funded Migrant Education Program, which provides academic support to children who move from school to school because their parents do seasonal farm and fisheries work. That got Tennessee wondering . . . what's school like for migrant students in other states. With support from the Solutions Journalism Network Tennessee has been working on a project called School on the Move. That reporting is the focus of the following episode of the Educate podcast from APM reports.

In Bid To Save Local Journalism, New Project Aims To Replace Billionaires With Cryptocurrency

A news organization is about to launch in our region. It’s called The Colorado Sun, and it’s one of 14 publications that are part of an international experiment in reinventing journalism. As Rae Ellen Bichell reports, the birth of the Sun starts with the tribulations of a century-old newspaper.

New Degree Excites The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

The University of Wyoming will be launching an Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management degree this fall. It’s been a three-year effort, but those in the industry have wanted the degree for almost 20 years. But everyone is happy now.