Astronomer Jill Tarter On Eclipses, Carl Sagan's Contact & Succeeding As A Woman In Science

Aug 25, 2017

Jill Tarter's talk, "The Eclipse, The Universe and You," was sold out well in advance. Tarter spent the eclipse at her daughter's home in Lander.
Credit Melodie Edwards

Jill Tarter is a woman who struggled her entire career with a double whammy.

Not only she one of just a handful of women in her scientific field, but that field was the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), something most people consider the stuff of comic books.

Tarter’s daughter works for the National Outdoor Leadership School or NOLS in Lander and, while she was visiting her, she spoke to a sold out audience at the Lander high school the night before the solar eclipse. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with her.

If you missed Astronomer Jill Tarter’s talk in Lander, you can also listen to her TED Talk here.