Artists Explore Images Of Eclipse In New Lander Show

Jul 14, 2017

Credit Lander Art Center

70 art pieces depicting the total solar eclipse will open for display Friday at the Lander Art Center. Director Stacy Stebner said artists from all over the state and one from Iowa contributed works on canvas, cast in pewter, screen printed, in ceramics and more to capture the experience of the eclipse.

She said normally art must be bought at the end of an art show but this time they are selling it off the wall throughout the show to take advantage of a large turnout.

“We knew that Lander was going to be in the path of totality and they were estimating that an additional 10,000 people would be in Lander. That’s not in Fremont County. That’s Lander specifically which only has 7,000 people to begin with,” said Stebner. “[The board of directors] thought of this as a real opportunity to do an open call for artists to bring in artwork from around the state.”

The new show will give artists the opportunity to express a more emotional view of the upcoming total solar eclipse. Stebner said the show will be judged by two artists and one scientist. Stebner adds that one set of paintings was also created by a scientist, Diantha States, author of Wildflowers of Wyoming.

“She painted these wildflower series in two different paintings and the eclipse is in the background and then the different flowers in the foreground are sort of lit up. And they are two flowers--they’re night blooming. In theory, they’d start to bloom during the eclipse.”

The show opens Friday and runs from 6-8 p.m. at the Lander Art Center. People can visit the show through August 26.