Art Exhibition Showcases Laramie Artists

Nov 8, 2018

Credit Paula Wilson-Caziér

The public will have an opportunity to view artwork from the Laramie area Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11. The event, called Touchstone Laramie, will take place at the Fairfield Inn and Suites and feature work from nearly 40 professional artists.

Touchstone Laramie is a biennial event in which local artists can showcase their work. It’s organized by the Laramie Artists Project, a non-profit that aims to offer professional support to artists in the region.

Paula Wilson-Caziér is one of the show’s organizers. She said that the event is an exciting opportunity for the art community.

“I think what people can look forward to seeing, and I know what I look forward to seeing, is everything that my peers, my contemporaries and my friends have done for the last two years. This is like a climax to everybody’s creative endeavors,” said Wilson-Caziér. 

Wilson- Caziér will be displaying her own art at the event. She has participated in all six iterations of Touchstone Laramie since 2004. While art will be for sale, she said sales are not the main purpose of the event.

“Laramie Artists Project is really a way to show the local area community, and really the region, what’s going on creatively,” Wilson-Caziér said.

Wilson-Caziér said she is especially excited to see the “Sequencing Through Time: Carissa Mine,” an ongoing project featuring photography, dance and mixed media art to explore landscapes.