Archives On The Air 96: Arrested For Sledding—Bill Manbo Papers

Jan 22, 2019

During World War II the U.S. government removed American citizens of Japanese descent from their communities and relocated them to internment camps across the country. One of these camps was Heart Mountain, near Cody, Wyoming.

Bill Manbo was detained at Heart Mountain as a teenager. He took photos of life there.

Manbo donated his photos to the American Heritage Center in the 1990s with captions for each photo and descriptions of his memories.

One photo shows a watchtower silhouetted against the dawn sky.

Manbo said that he remembered kids trekking outside the fence to go sledding on a wintry day in December 1942. Guards arrested all thirty-two children. The oldest was 11.

You can learn more about the prisoners at Heart Mountain and their lives at UW's American Heritage Center.