Archives On The Air 69: The History Of Your Home—Gladys Beery Papers

Sep 25, 2018

C.P. Arnold at a picnic in 1923. Negative number 10297.2F, Ludwig-Svenson Studio collection.
Credit American Heritage Center

Gladys Beery was a fan of Laramie, Wyoming. She devoted her life to studying Laramie’s urban, architectural, and social history.

She enjoyed uncovering the stories and the truths of Laramie people and their homes. Her papers document houses scattered all over Laramie – from famous homes like the Cooper Mansion, to small, otherwise unnoticed houses. Beery took an interest in all homes with a storied past.

Possibly even your home.

Take a drive along Grand and try to spot a large Victorian home capped with a pair of “horns.” The home also has a lawn chosen specifically for its small square footage because [quote] “grass is hard enough to grow in Laramie.”

This was originally the home of lawyer and politician C.P. Arnold. It was built in 1888 by Arnold himself.

Come find your home’s history in the Gladys Beery papers at UW’s American Heritage Center.