Archives On The Air 61: The Philadelphia Experiment—The Carlos Allende Papers

Sep 11, 2018

In 1955, UFO expert Morris Jessup received two letters from Carlos Allende.

Allende claimed that he had seen a military experiment where a destroyer ship was teleported to another dimension and found aliens. This alleged incident became known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

Allende then sent Jessup a copy of Jessup’s own book on UFOs with notes in the margins. The notes were allegedly written by two interstellar travelers. It later became clear that Allende had written the notes.

Allende claimed that Albert Einstein’s research was used to teleport the military destroyer. He believed Einstein was working on a starship propulsion system already being used by extraterrestrials.

Dozens of books have since been written about Allende and his cryptic letters and annotations on aliens.

Carlos Allende’s papers include his writings and letters and are available at UW’s American Heritage Center.