Archives On The Air 50: Soda Drinking Cowboys—The Garrett Price Papers

Aug 24, 2018

Drawing of a Cowgirl by Garrett Price, undated. Box 6, Garrett Price papers.
Credit American Heritage Center

Garrett Price was a successful cartoonist for the New Yorker and other prominent publications during the mid-20th Century.

Price grew up in Saratoga Wyoming and his collection contains numerous sketches of his memories annotated with short stories.

Memories of his father’s drugstore in the 1910s include a drawing of a woman in a cowboy hat and western dress. Price recalls that she was a well-known character in Saratoga.

On a drawing of a cowboy Price wrote “Thad Sowder, winner of the first national bronco bucking contest ever held, at Denver, also sat at the counter on a stool as if it were a saddle. It was disillusioning to see him sucking soda through a straw. Dr. Price found it hard to do anything for him. ‘He’s all busted up inside,’ said my father.”

Garrett Price’s drawings, cartoons and stories are available in his collection at UW's American Heritage Center.