Archives On The Air 49: Keeping The Nation Safe—The Frank Wilson Collection

Aug 23, 2018

Few people have instituted the same level of security across America that Frank Wilson did leading the Secret Service.

Frank Wilson was born in New York in 1887. He joined the army and served during WWI.

After WWI, Wilson joined the Department of Justice as part of the Fair Price Commission in 1920.

His investigations for the commission included taking down Al Capone’s empire and the Lindbergh baby kidnapping - some of the largest criminal cases in United States History.

But why stop there?

From 1937-1946, Wilson served as Chief of the Secret Service where he launched the anti-counterfeiting campaign titled “Know Your Money.” He also improved security measures for the president and various dignitaries.

His autobiography “Special Agent” details most of his life in the security field.

Wilson passed away in 1970.

Learn more about how he cracked some of the biggest crimes of all time in the Frank Wilson papers at UW’s American Heritage Center.