Archives On The Air 217: Empowering Latina Youth — Wyoming Latina Youth Conference Records

Oct 18, 2020

Every October, young Latinas from across Wyoming gather for the Latina Youth Conference.

Fifth through twelfth graders meet for the two-day conference. They enjoy banquets, cultural performances, informational presentations and educational workshops.

The conference is sponsored by a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering young Latinas through mentorship and awareness. It provides a unique opportunity for young Hispanic women in Wyoming to meet and interact.

The inaugural conference was held in 2000 in Cheyenne.

Dolores Huerta who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union, spoke to the group in 2011. She is a famous and celebrated Latina activist and advocate for women's rights.

See conference programs, posters and more in the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference records at UW's American Heritage Center.