Archives On The Air 19: Marie Montabe, Determined WAC Recruiter

Jul 12, 2018

Photo of Marie Montabe, 1963. Box 2, Marie Montabe papers.
Credit American Heritage Center

Marie Montabe was the wife of Albany County’s Woman’s Army Corps recruiter Harry Horton. She worked tirelessly to help her husband enlist young women, especially UW coeds, into the Corps during World War II.

Margaret Dobson was a young WAC recruit living in the remote Laramie Peak country northeast of Laramie. But she was snowbound and could not be served with her orders.

Montabe was determined that this young woman would receive her orders and ship out on time.

Montabe demanded assistance from the U.S. Mail. The county mail carrier traveled by horse and buggy and then through deep snow on horseback to deliver Miss Dobson’s orders and bring her to Laramie.

Thanks to Marie Montabe’s determination, Margaret Dobson arrived to Denver on time to report for duty.

UW’s American Heritage Center has a number of collections related to women’s war efforts during World War II available for research.