Archives On The Air 186: WY Woman Missionary: Annette Becher Gray—W.B.D. And Annette B. Gray Papers

Jun 3, 2020

Annette Becher Grey was ordained a minister in 1900 and became pastor of the South Side Congregational Church in Cheyenne. 

She was quite popular with her parishioners. One described her as a forceful woman with expressive hands and a heavenly face.

She married a missionary colleague Dr. W.B.D. Gray in 1902 and together they traveled around Wyoming offering spiritual support to local communities. The two presented slide lectures to audiences in the East to raise funds for their missionary work.

As her husband's health failed, Annette took on more of the load, making trips alone by auto. She named her vehicles Ebenezer I, Ebenezer II, and Ebenezer III, which translated from Hebrew means "stones of help." The long hours by auto allowed her time to mull over sermons and pray.

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