Archives On The Air 174: Hollywood's Other Characters—Jacques Kapralik Papers

Dec 11, 2019

Jacques Kapralik was a caricature artist for Hollywood.

He brought his talents to LA in the mid-193os and began making movie posters.

Kapralik made paper cut-outs of celebrities for his posters. They are accented with felt, real hair, leather, metal, and more. Each poster scene was built in a shadow box.

Kapralik would study the physical nuances of each actor to best capture their personalities in paper form.

With rosy cheeks, sharp mustaches, swelling bottom lips, and jagged noses, Kapralik's illustrations got national attention.

He made posters for some of the Andy Hardy movies, Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Streetcar Named Desire, and many others.

You can see his shadow boxes, sketches, and other works at UW's American Heritage Center and online.