Archives On The Air 133: Spacious Living To Come—H.C. Ingraham Papers

Mar 27, 2019

H.C. Ingraham wrote western short stories. He also wrote "The Circus Review," a Circus industry newspaper. 

In 1961 Ingraham published predictions about the year 2000 in the magazine "Dime Novel Round-Up." Here are two of his predictions:

"Great strides will be made in the medical world. A person who loses any part of his body by sickness or accident will be able to have it replaced. Even though there will be diseases, vaccines will eliminate many now prevalent, and man can have a life expectancy well over 200 years."

"Weather will be largely controlled. Population problems will be solved somewhat by large apartment buildings going up in the air for half a mile or higher."

You can read more of H.C. Ingraham's work at UW's American Heritage Center.