Archives On The Air 127: John Wayne's Hairpiece—Beverly Linet Papers

Mar 19, 2019

When actor John Wayne died in 1979, his wife Pat Stacey and Journalist Beverly Linet wrote a biography of him, called Duke, A Love Story. In an interview, Linet remembered the first time she met Wayne. 

Beverly Linet: I think Duke overwhelmed men, because to them it was, well, John Wayne. But as a woman, and I think most women, felt very comfortable. And the first time I met him when I walked in the house, the first thing I thought when I walked in the house was, he's bigger even than I thought he was, and the fact that he wore a hairpiece.

John Wayne started wearing wigs in 1948. He did not deny it if asked. He told people it was real hair, just not his. In 2007 one of his toupees sold at auction for two thousand dollars.

Journalist Beverly Linet's papers are available at UW's American Heritage Center.