Archives On The Air 126: Goodwill Tour Of Other Wyomings—Manus J. Hand Wyoming Bicentennial Grant

Mar 19, 2019

Did you know the state of Wyoming isn't the only place in the US named Wyoming? In fact, over 20 locations around the country are called Wyoming. 

For the US Bicentennial in 1976, the state gave one lucky kid a grant to travel to almost everywhere in the US & Canada named Wyoming. Twelve-year-old Manus Hand from Laramie was the winner. He and his family traveled together.

It was called the "goodwill tour of other Wyomings." At each Wyoming, Manus would present the citizens with honorary citizenship in the State of Wyoming. He collected town proclamations, city keys, and other memorabilia during the trip.

Manus was featured on the Today Show and CBS Evening News. Walter Cronkite mispronounced his name.

You can find photos and artifacts from Manus's trip at UW's American Heritage Center.