Archives On The Air 124: Tales From The Front Lines—Henry Lee Grier Papers

Feb 28, 2019

Henry Lee Grier was a Laramie man who served on the front lines of World War I. He wrote detailed memoirs of his war experiences. Here is one memory: 

"There was only one practical thing left to do – start moving, in haste, back across the valley towards the artillery, so their shells would be going over us, instead of at us. This hurry-up movement included the signal detail; the infantry, and about everybody in that area. Out in the open, we could hear bullets going overhead from the direction of the enemy. The distance was too great for them to do any damage. The barrage swung on past our tree and on up towards Epinoville. Very little time had elapsed for the whole episode."

You can read more stories from World War I in the Henry Lee Grier papers at UW's American Heritage Center.