Archives On The Air 104: Mountaineering The Wind River Range—Carl Blaurock Paper

Jan 31, 2019

In 1924, there were still mountain peaks in Wyoming that had not been climbed. Carl Blaurock from Denver took a party to climb the Wind River Range that same year.

His friend Arthur Carhart showed him photos of the Wind River Range from a Forest Service trip to the area. This was Blaurock's inspiration to climb the range.

The party was Blaurock, Albert Ellingwood and a married couple. They were all members of the Colorado Mountain Club. The party drove from Denver to Wyoming in Blaurock's Model T and spent 10 days climbing. They were the first people to climb the 13,600 feet of Mt. Helen.

When they climbed Fremont Peak they found countless dead grasshoppers. They theorized the grasshoppers had died in a storm while trying to cross the mountain.

The Carl Blaurock papers at UW's American Heritage Center contain his memoirs and photos from the expedition.