Arapahoe School District names new superintendent

May 21, 2013

Fremont County School District 38 in Arapahoe has a new acting superintendent.

Former assistant superintendent Chantell Denson stepped in last week when former Superintendent Jonathan Braack left to take over the Niobrara County School District.

During the 16 months Braack was superintendent, the once struggling Arapahoe Schoo met No Child Left Behind’s requirements for Annual Yearly Progress for the first time under the Safe Harbor program.

Denson, who directed the district’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the past year, says she wants to keep the school’s momentum going and keep working systems in place.

“The only major changes that we anticipate are just ones that would increase and sustain the achievement that we’ve made,” Denson says. “We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing and move forward.”

Denson adds that she wants to enhance programs that celebrate students’ Arapaho identity.

“We really wanna make sure that they have a true sense of self — whether they stay with us and go to high school with us, or go into another community like Riverton or Lander — that they’re still able to carry on their successes that they experienced with us at Arapahoe,” Denson says.

Credit Associated Press

Denson will officially become superintendent of Fremont 38 in July.