April 6th, 2018

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Mountain West States Grow, Wyoming Shrinks

Mountain West states like Montana, Colorado and Utah are seeing unprecedented growth right now. In fact, Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation. But that’s not the case in Wyoming where the population is shrinking. Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen explores why.

New Degree Excites The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

The University of Wyoming will be launching an Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management degree this fall. It’s been a three-year effort, but those in the industry have wanted the degree for almost 20 years. But as Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports, everyone is happy now. 

Some Forests Aren't Growing Back After Wildfires, Says New Study

The forests you see around you today… may not be there tomorrow. A new study published in the journal Ecology Letters says fewer trees are growing back after recent wildfires in the region. Nate Hegyi of our Mountain West News Bureau tagged along with researchers in Montana to find out why.

Zinke Goes West, Then What?

Too many decisions about the West get made in Washington, D.C. At least, that’s what the Secretary of the Interior thinks. Ryan Zinke plans to move thousands of the department’s employees out west to manage water, public lands and energy from there. We decided to take a look at how a seemingly dull, bureaucratic plan might affect our region in interesting ways. We talked to some people with a vested interest-- starting in Wyoming. Maggie Mullen reports.

GOP Leadership Apparently Snubs Senator Enzi Over Budget Vote

As a part of a sweeping bipartisan spending deal to keep the government’s light on, Congress quietly set up a new budget commission. Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi chairs the Senate Budget Committee, and as Matt Laslo reports from Washington, he’s been strangely excluded from the panel

Facing Environmental Challenges: Sustainability Or Resilience?

Sustainability has become a buzzword when it comes to facing environmental challenges. But one researcher believes resilience is a better answer. For University of Wyoming Dean Mindy Benson, that means solving issues like pollution control, clean air, and acid rain with a more systematic approach... that allows humans and nature to work together. She co-authored a book titled The End of Sustainability about this new perspective. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim speaks with Benson to learn more. 

Public Discusses Expanding Agriculture In Wyoming's Economy

In 2015, Wyoming was the first state in the nation to pass a law allowing people to sell homemade food directly to consumers. The state legislature expanded the Food Freedom Act in 2017, and libertarians, as well as food system activists, have called it a win. But food safety regulations are still an obstacle for small producers who want to expand their businesses. Wyoming Public Radio’s Alanna Elder reports tackling that barrier has been one major theme in recent talks about diversifying agriculture in the state.

A Look At The Dollar Value Of A Bobcat...Its Pelt Vs. Alive

There was once a time when fur coats were highly prized. You might think those days are over, but for much of the world’s very wealthy, it’s not. And the most coveted of all is bobcat fur from the American West. But some say they're more valuable alive. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards visited a Wyoming trapper to find out more.

Play Examines Wolves, Teenagers, And Fearing What We Don't Understand

The new play “The Big Heartless,” premieres in Laramie this week. In it, playwright Dale Dunn explores the subjects of wolf reintroduction and reform boarding schools. She told Caroline Ballard she initially became interested in the fate of wolves after an experience driving on a highway outside Santa Fe.