April 26th, 2019

Credit Bob Beck

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At The Edge - How Cloud Peak's Problems Really Started At The Beginning

One of the largest U.S. coal companies could file for bankruptcy as soon as May 1. Cloud Peak Energy announced its financial distress last November, but its problems began long before that. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim explains how the story unfolds.

Bent Out Of Shape: Could A Mysterious Animal Epidemic Become The Next Mad Cow?

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about chronic wasting disease. A crippling, deadly infection that affects deer, elk and moose across the country and was first seen here in the Mountain West.  But last time, we learned that maybe it isn’t from our region after all and maybe everything we thought we knew about disease is all wrong. Today Rae Ellen Bichell visits a couple of scientists at Colorado State University who are delving further into that mystery and discovering something even more perplexing.

Sheridan Trims Down Its Invasive Tree Population

Governor Mark Gordon has stated he wants Wyoming to be a leader in fighting against invasive species. The city of Sheridan is taking that seriously by ridding the community a troublesome tree. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler has more.

Coach Joe Legerski Is Pleased To Leave On A High Note

This week University of Wyoming women’s basketball coach Joe Legerski surprised many by announcing his retirement. Legerski is the winningest coach in program history and was coming off a 25 win season. He tells me that a big reason for his choice had to do with family considerations. 

Guernsey Kindergarten Incidents Raise Questions About How Schools Handle Sexual Assault

Recently, some kindergarteners in a classroom in Guernsey complained about sexual abuse…from another kindergartener. It left the community at a loss for how to handle the situation. Reports of student-on-student abuse is an issue many Wyoming schools are facing more frequently. Today we’ll hear two stories on the issue. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards starts us off. A warning…this story contains details that may be disturbing to some audiences.

Vermont Requires Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. Could Wyoming, Too?

Last year Wyoming enacted legislation authorizing school districts to teach child sexual abuse prevention. Schools have a unique power to stop sexual abuse because kids spend so much time there. But the bill is not a mandate. It merely says school districts may do prevention. Wyoming Public Radio’s Tennessee Watson visits a state where prevention is required.

Microbrews Slowing Down While Craft Spirits Grow

This might surprise you, but Americans seem to be losing their taste for beer. Even the dizzy growth we’ve seen in the microbrew industry is slowing down. Craft beer producers are trying to buck this trend. And as Maggie Mullen reports that involves figuring out how to be competitive with each other and the newer kid on the block - craft spirits.    

State Capitol Restoration Focuses On The Past

For the last four years the Wyoming legislature has been meeting at a remodeled K-Mart as the state capitol complex has undergone extensive renovations. While new state office space is being constructed, the big news surrounds the restoration that has taken place inside the capitol building. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck explains.