April 12th, 2019

Credit Catherine Wheeler

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Bent Out Of Shape: Could A Mysterious Animal Epidemic Become The Next Mad Cow?

Deer, elk and moose across the country are coming down with a harrowing fatal disease… It  starts with weight loss and ends with stumbling and drooling, as the animal’s brain tissue deteriorates. It’s bad for them, bad for hunting, and it could even be bad for us. Over the next few days/weeks, Rae Ellen Bichell will be taking a look at the disease, starting today with this question: What exactly is it?  

A Boost For Powder River Basin Coal Comes From An Unexpected Source

A few years ago, huge investments into a type of coal used to make steel put three Powder River Basin companies into bankruptcy. Now, the same resource is helping support two of those companies through tough times. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

A Record Population 'Boom' Of Wild Horses Raises Hackles Among Ranchers, Advocates

Mention two words – wild horses – and you’ll get two very different and passionate responses. For some, these animals represent a kind of living history of the American West. To others... they’re a nuisance that’s eating away at a precious resource. As wild horse numbers hit record levels… that disagreement is getting louder and more heated.  Our Mountain West News Bureau’s Nate Hegyi reports.

A Closer Look At Access To Mental Health Care: Transportation

The closing of an inpatient psychiatric unit in Lander has highlighted another issue in the state’s mental healthcare system. That’s the difficulty of transporting a mentally ill patient to and from a hospital. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska explains.

Sheridan Immigrant's Historic Story Told Through Music

The story of 20th century Sheridan immigrant and entrepreneur Zarif Khan resurfaced in the last several years. After a 2016 New Yorker story that detailed Khan’s life, University of Iowa jazz studies professor and musician John Rapson was inspired to tell Khan’s uniquely American story along with composer Danyel Gaglione.The performance details Khan’s immigration to America, his life in Wyoming and his shocking death, while also tackling America’s history with immigration laws. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler met with Rapson during the tour through Wyoming to talk about how he was inspired to create the show.