Ames Monument – Buford

Aug 17, 2017

Built between 1881 and 1882 in southeastern Wyoming, the Ames Monument was commissioned by the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) as a memorial to brothers Oakes Ames (1804-1873) and Oliver Ames (1807-1877) and their role in building the Transcontinental Railroad. The Ames Monument is sited on what was the high point of the UP, where it passed through the Laramie Mountains on its way west to meet the Central Pacific Railroad in northern Utah. Henry Hobson Richardson (1838 – 1886) designed the monument, which features two inset carved relief portraits sculpted by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens and carved by architectural craftsman John Evans. The monument was constructed by the Norcross Brothers, the primary construction company used by H.H. Richardson.

The monument is nationally significant because of its association with H.H. Richardson. Historian Jeffrey Carl Ochsner calls the Ames Monument “a pure essay in a distinctively American architecture that Richardson developed as he entered a phase of professional maturity in which he began to simplify form and to eliminate architectural detail.”

For more information, visit the Ames Monument site.