Albany County Officials Say Two Tornados Cause Damage Near Laramie

Jun 8, 2018

Albany County Emergency Management officials and national weather service representatives say there may have been more than one tornado that touched down near Laramie Wednesday night. Emergency Management Coordinator Aimee Binning said they reached that conclusion after an assessment of the damage.

“We believe there was actually two tornados that touched the ground. By the damage that we’ve seen and the locations that it is at, it doesn’t look like they followed a path in that direction it looks like they were two separate events.”

Binning said they found damage that covered over 12 miles and a quarter mile wide. She added damage included a garage that was completely leveled, lots of roof and siding damage, and damage to rangeland. She said there were no human injuries. Binning also said it was an unusual tornado in that it wasn’t associated with rain or hail and it was very slow moving.