Albany County Considering Major Land Purchase

Aug 11, 2017

Albany County Commissioners will soon decide whether to purchase over 5,000 acres of land just east of Laramie in order to create more public land for recreation while simultaneously protecting the city’s water supply. 

Credit Wikipedia Commons Tony Webster

The proposed land purchase from the four private landowners would cost $14 million dollars, and would essentially create a corridor where residents and visitors could bike or hike from Laramie city limits all the way up to Happy Jack Recreational area.

Dewey Gallegos is the owner of the Pedal House, a bike shop in Laramie. He said he’s in support of the purchase not only as a recreational retailer, but because he thinks it will be a good investment.

“If this works out it would basically open up Laramie to become a recreational place very similar to Moab or Grand Junction,” said Gallegos. “I think anything we can do to enhance that, to make sure that happens is extremely important for the economy of Laramie.”

But critics say the upfront cost is too much in light of the state’s financial trouble. The Albany County Commissioners will take a final vote August 15.

Residents have the chance to comment at a public meeting Monday, August 14 at 6 p.m. in the Albany County District Courtroom.