AARP Wyoming Joins The Fight Against High Prescription Costs

Apr 18, 2019

Credit Catherine Wheeler / Wyoming Public Media

AARP Wyoming wants to combat high prescription drug prices. The state chapter of the 50-plus advocacy organization is joining its national campaign pushing lawmakers to make policies that lower prescription prices.

Sam Shumway, state director of AARP Wyoming, said in the next legislative session, they will push for legalizing the re-importation of prescription drugs from other countries, which would lower costs.

"Right now, under U.S. law that re-importation on a large scale is illegal and the FDA regulates that. So doing something to allow state re-importation is something we are looking at," he said.

Shumway said the organization is pleased with a new state law that allows pharmacists to tell people when their prescription is available in a lower cost form, but there is still more to do.

"People are making these difficult decisions about whether I buy my prescription drugs or I pay my rent, or I buy my prescriptions or I buy food. That's very real for some folks on a fixed income," he said. "So this is an issue that really matters to us. I think that it's long overdue that we start really, honestly taking a look at it."

Shumway said AARP Wyoming decided to focus on drug prices after continually hearing politicians speak on the subject but never committing to working on it.