AARP Age-Friendly Laramie Initiative

Jun 1, 2018


Downtown Laramie

Laramie is working towards becoming the fourth community in Wyoming to gain “age-friendly” status, especially for older people. This week the second session of the AARP Age-Friendly Laramie Initiative was held at the Lincoln Community Center on May 31. 

University of Wyoming assistant professor, Bernard Steinman, is the research director of the Wyoming Center on Aging. He served as the moderator for the session, which focused on trying to understand the needs and wants of Wyoming’s aging population.  

“We’re asking them to describe what’s strong about the community and some of the weakness, some of the opportunities that are here and barriers to opportunities. We’re really just trying to map out a sense of what people’s priorities are for the future,” said Steinman.  

Steinman said there will be a final meeting held sometime in late June, but a specific date is not yet determined. More information about the event and AARP is available here