48 Hour Waiting Period Bill Passes The House

Feb 3, 2019


Women would have to wait 48 hours to have an abortion under a bill that was approved Friday by the Wyoming House of Representatives.

The bill says a woman would meet with a doctor and then wait 48 hours before the actual abortion procedure can be performed. Laramie Representative Cathy Connolly said this is a burden for women who may have to travel a long distance for the abortion. She adds that it allows the government to meddle in a very personal matter.

"Telling pregnant women that we as a state are going to interfere with her decision, with her family, with her medical provider about the health care decisions she has to make."

During debate, Cheyenne Representative Bill Henderson said: "It's not the baby's fault that the conception occurred." He added that 48 hours might stop women from making a bad mistake. The bill goes to the Senate for further consideration.