3 Republicans battle in the Senate District 28 primary in Casper

Aug 16, 2012

Three Wyoming Republicans are facing off in next week’s primary election to become the G-O-P nominee for Senate District 28 in Casper. 

Senator Kit Jennings is the incumbent and he is being challenged by Physician Tom Radosevich and retired businessman Jim Anderson.  Anderson favors local control in most instances, including economic development.  He wants the state to focus on helping what he calls Wyoming’s core industries.

“We need to find new outlets for their products, whether it is ag products, or oil and gas, bentonite or coal.  We need to find an outlet for all of those to keep them all strong. “

But Radosevich says that the state needs to think beyond extractive industries and diversify the economy by developing new industries.

“And a lot of it related to the information age.  Lots of retail centers, transportation, information, and internet based services. “

When it comes to budget cuts, Radosevich would focus on eliminating duplication and programs that don’t work.  Anderson likes the approach of having agencies recommend cuts.  But he fears that eight percent may not be enough.

On the topic of health care, Anderson opposes most of the Affordable Care Act, but he said that the on-line marketplace for health insurance known as the Health Insurance exchange has possibilities.  But he adds that it would need more than a few options for it to work in Wyoming.  Radosevich is a strong proponent of having Wyoming support the option of expanding Medicaid.  Anderson opposes that. Incumbent Kit Jennings did not return calls for an interview.