24/7 Hotline Established To Provide Voter Information And Report Voting Rights Violations

Nov 5, 2018

If you're confused about where to vote, or what you need to bring with you to the polls, there's now a 24/7 hotline addressing those concerns. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Wyoming and the Equality State Policy Center established the hotline.

Sabrina King is the policy director for the ACLU of Wyoming. She said the hotline service is meant to provide general information to voters.

"We have seen a lot of confusion and questions, particularly around voter registration," said King.

In Wyoming, residents can register to vote on Election Day. King said voters can call with other concerns, too.

"We also are providing opportunity folks who may run into issues at polls on Election Day to be able to call someone and try to troubleshoot those problems," King said.

That includes if voters are denied provisional ballots when they are eligible to receive them, or efforts to have voters produce identification or proof of citizenship when not required by law.

The hotline number is 307-228-4163.