2015 Spring Membership Drive: Pet Wednesday

Mar 25, 2015

Check out slideshow above to see the menagerie of pets who listen to Wyoming Public Radio! Thank you to everyone who posted pictures of your pets on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Pet Wednesday. 


Here's a fun story from two of our listeners that was too good not to share! Photos of their pets are in the slideshow above:


Last spring Membership Drive, Edgar the Maine Coone cat had been reigning as the Supreme Leader of Pookistan. Sam the Blue Heeler had assisted him loyally as Chief of Pookie Police, and Annabel the Black Cat had functioned as Court Jester. In the fall of 2014, fed up with Edgar's reign of furry terror and disdainful looks, Sam enlisted the aid and harnessed the seething rage of Annabel to stage a coup and sieze control of the Democratic Animal's Republic of Pookistan.

Today, Amanda & Spencer are pledging in honor of Sam the Blue Heeler, President of Pookistan, and the head of her Secret Service, Annabel the Black (Ops) Cat. They are also pledging in honor of Edgar the Maine Coone, deposed Supreme Leader of Pookistan, and the recently hired Lilly the Orange Tabby, the private military contractor whom Edgar hired to retake his rightful place as Supreme Leader. Join us during the Fall Membership Drive for the thrilling conclusion of Peril in Pookistan.


Amanda & Spencer
Propaganda Ministers of Pookistan

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