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Facing West

We explore the ever-changing face of the Mountain West, sometimes in a car, sometimes on a bicycle, maybe on a horse but always with an open ear. Produced by the Mountain West News Bureau, a consortium of NPR member stations covering the region.

Season One: Across The Great Divide: One journalist. One bicycle. Hundreds of miles riding along the continental divide, listening to rural Westerners ahead of one of the most contentious elections in modern history. But what we hear goes way beyond politics and into our nation's future. First season hosted by Nate Hegyi.

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  • facing_west_logo_d4_2.jpg
    Elevated Risk: Police Violence In The Mountain West
    2020 will be known as a devastating year. More than 300,000 people in America died due to complications from the novel coronavirus. But it was the single…
  • Reporter Nate Hegyi listened to a lot of people in the rural West during his nearly 800-mile bicycle ride along the continental divide. And he heard a few…
  • There's a dominant culture in the rural Mountain West. Reporter Nate Hegyi explores who fits in... and who doesn't.
  • Growth and change are two constants in the American West. At least they have been for the past two centuries. Ever since White settlers and the U.S.…
  • In this first episode, the word "divide" is front and center. Journalist Nate Hegyi meets rural Westerners worried that America is headed towards a second…
  • A new podcast about the ever-changing face of the Mountain West. In our first season we're looking at America's Great Divide. I'm reporter Nate Hegyi with…