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What To Do If You Run Into A Bear

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is encouraging the public to educate themselves about what to do if they encounter a bear. Bears are preparing for hibernation and many are active. 

Dusty Lasseter is the Bear Wise community coordinator at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He said that to avoid bears, hikers and hunters should hike in groups and stay out in the open on trails.

Lasseter added that if you encounter a bear try to back away and avoid eye contact.  

Lasseter said, “If they do charge you, stand your ground. Often, it is a bluff charge. And then our second option, if you don’t have time to back away and get out of there, and the bear is still being aggressive towards you and might injure you, that’s when it’s appropriate to use bear spray or a firearm to protect yourself.”

Lasseter said that if you do not have bear spray, you should drop to the ground and cover your head with your arms.

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