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Grizzlies Euthanized After Bold Behavior Near Dubois

National Digital Library of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Two grizzlies that were raiding trash cans east of the town Dubois along the Wind River have been euthanized.

Brian Debolt, the large carnivore conflict manager for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said the bears were displaying bold behavior around people.

“In the last week I’ve probably had 50 reports of people either seeing the bears or knowing the bears have been through their property. You know, their trash cans tipped over, a bag of trash pulled out of their pickup, or picture on their trail cam, bird feeder torn down, those types of situations,” said Debolt.

Over the last few weeks, Debolt said he had been trying to secure the town’s garbage cans, bird feed, and animal feed, in hopes that the two would move on from the area.

“Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. These bears became very localized and started raiding 10 to 15 garbage cans a night. I did end up catching both bears and we had to remove those two bears,” he said.

Debolt said the bears had been relocated several times before and had learned to associate humans with food from their mother, who was euthanized for similar behavior.

He advised residents and visitors in Northwest Wyoming to continue to be vigilant in securing garbage, animal feed, and bird feed, and in carrying bear spray.

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