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Grizzly Bears At Increased Risk Of Conflicts With Humans.


Hunting season has increased the likelihood of interaction between humans and bears, especially in the mountain ranges outside of Yellowstone National Park. Two grizzly bear attacks this month left one man dead and another injured.

Wyoming Game and Fish Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator Brian DeBolt says bears have been moving south and east into the Wyoming Range and Big Horn Basin as their numbers have grown. Hunters are at greater risk during the season as they often go against bear safety precautions.

“If you're going to be a successful hunter you just break all those rules anyway," Says DeBolt. "So what we remind folks that are hunting is to keep a clean camp and since you're kind of naturally breaking all those rules when you're hunting you just got to have that extra sense of awareness. I mean use your head, definitely hunt with a partner and carry bear spray.”

DeBolt says many of the encounters are a surprise to both bear and human and says the bears naturally react violently, especially with cubs. 

Jordan Giese is a political science major currently working on his bachelor's degree. He has lived in Wyoming all his life but has a focus on both local issues and international stories. He moved to Laramie just last year rediscovering Wyoming and all it has to offer in landspaces, opportunities and people. He has listened to WPR for years and is thrilled to contribute to an important state service and NPR.
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