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Wyoming Public Media Photo 2023 Contest - Thank you!

 Photo Contest 2023
Ahmad Ansari - Tipis at Night
Zo van Brink-Lemley

Thank you for posting photos in this year's Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest!

Glance at the many beautiful photos below, and e-mail your votes for your favorite picture to wpmevents@uwyo.edu.
Each person can only vote for one photo in each category through Friday, September 15, 2023.

Wyoming through listeners’ eyes!

Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest (Aug. 15-Sept. 15)! Wyoming photos were posted below for a chance to have the snapshot featured on the Wyoming Public Media website and note cards as well as other media for the station.

[Merely type in your picture’s caption, your name and e-mail address, and your photo’s category:

1. Wyoming’s Nature

2. Wyoming’s People

3. Only in Wyoming

Please type this information in the box below. Then attach your photo file by clicking the picture icon below the box.

Once your photo has been posted, viewers of this Wyoming Public Media website can vote for their favorite. The top 4 choices in each category will be featured on the Wyoming Public Media web page. The Grand Prize will be chosen out of these top 12 for this year’s note cards. Each person can only vote once for one photo in each category. Please e-mail your votes to wpmevents@uwyo.edu.

(By posting your photo you agree to the terms: Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest Rules & Instructions