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The Atlanta Braves are celebrating their World Series win with a pricey burger


Baseball season is finally underway. And in Atlanta, the Braves are celebrating last year's World Series win with a new food selection at Truist Park.


It's a burger, but not just any burger. Here's the ball park's executive chef, Rory Bancroft.

RORY BANCROFT: We wanted to make a burger that was the best of the best, so kind of giving it, like, a little crown jewel, if you want, a little sparkle to it.

FADEL: And what a sparkle.

BANCROFT: We have an eight-ounce Wagyu beef patty, Tillamook cheddar, lobster tail, there's foie gras. So it's a goose liver. And we wrapped the foie gras in 23-karat gold leaf.

FADEL: That's edible gold leaf. It comes on a toasted and buttered brioche bun, with more layers that include a sunny side up egg, Bibb Lettuce, an heirloom tomato slice and some truffle aioli.

MARTÍNEZ: The World Champions Burger stands about a half a foot tall and weighs a whopping 1 1/2 pounds. And the concessionaire will throw in a replica World Series championship ring, probably not edible, though. But as big as this burger is, the thing that'll really make your jaw drop is the price.

BANCROFT: A hundred and fifty-one dollars, that's in honor of the Braves' 151st year of existence.

FADEL: And that's the more affordable version. If you want to add a more posh chunk of jewelry, you can make it a combo.

BANCROFT: Twenty-five thousand dollars, you get this limited edition, authentic Braves championship ring. And you get the burger for free with it. It's kind of what I've been telling people.

MARTÍNEZ: And after you spend all that money, do you eat it with your hands or, as I do with any burger that I eat, with a knife and fork?

BANCROFT: I've actually seen two people that grabbed it on the sides and were just digging in.

MARTÍNEZ: The burger at both price points comes with a side of Parmesan waffle fries. And it's the least they could do.

(SOUNDBITE OF SLUMBERVILLE'S "ASPARAGUS") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.