2013 Interns

Credit Sydney Dalis

Sydney Dalis' Fall 2013 Internship

After learning the basics of recording and interviewing from Micah Schweizer and Grady Kirkpatrick, I was ready to venture out and conduct my own interview. I was given the opportunity to speak with musician Shakey Graves about his experiences in Wyoming, specifically Yellowstone Park. This aired during Morning Music with Grady Kirkpatrick.

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Melodie Edwards' Summer 2013 Internship

Doing an internship at Wyoming Public Radio was the chance of a lifetime.  It was like getting a very specialized degree in radio journalism in a very short, very intense space of time.  It offered me the chance to learn to use specialized programs and equipment with impressively experienced journalists offering hands-on guidance all the way. By throwing us in the water with the sharks, I learned to interview with more confidence and write with a new level of succinctness and clarity.  I feel like I've gotten away with a very sneaky trick in snagging this internship, truth be known!

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Melodie Edwards is now a reporter at Wyoming Public Media. 

Credit Chelsea Biondolillo

Chelsea Biondolillo's Spring 2013 Internship

Chelsea was hoping to learn more about interviewing sources and producing stories—and she got to do just that. During the Spring 2013 semester, Chelsea covered stories in a number of areas, did voice work, and learned much more about Wyoming issues. Chelsea most enjoys covering stories on natural resources and wilderness issues.

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Credit Jordan Harper

Jordan Harper's Spring 2013 Internship

According to Jordan Harper, "Working on this project was a wonderful experience and I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity."  Jordan edited and compiled a retrospective regarding Wyoming Public Media member testimonials for the Spring Pledge Drive. 

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Credit Rhanden Lind

Rhanden Lind's Spring 2013 Internship

According to Rhanden Lind, "Working at Wyoming public media has been quite the experience. It's helped me refine my interviewing skills and my editing skills. They offered me a degree of freedom that could be a bit daunting at times, but most important to me is that they let me experiment with equipment and practice skills that I wouldn't have a chance to anywhere else on campus. I've gotten to develop new interests, and with any luck, will continue to pursue those interests professionally."  Rhanden received credit for course # COJO 3480-01.

Marie Smith's Spring 2013 Internship

According to Marie Smith, "Interviewing Luke Bell about his debut album and writing a music review about it was an amazing experience. I learned so much about audio editing and a new style of writing that I had not been exposed to. I also really enjoyed listening to Luke's album! I do not usually listen to that genre of music, but it blew me away. Overall, my internship has been an incredible learning experience, and has further fueled my love for public radio and writing." Marie received credit for course # COJO 3480-01.

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