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Details Emerge in Myanmar About Weather Warning


Days after a tropical cyclone, we're getting some clues why it may have killed so many people in Myanmar. Forecasters saw this storm coming. Myanmar's military government spread warnings, but the warnings went out by television, which didn't help much in a country with spotty electric power. We're also getting some clues as to how Myanmar's government is responding to this crisis. This is a secretive government, and it is welcoming supplies from the outside world, so long as they're not accompanied by people. Foreign aid workers are not getting in. That's what MORNING EDITION heard today from Suhail Rige(ph) of Doctors Without Borders in Myanmar.

Mr. SUHAIL RIGE (Doctors Without Borders): People didn't have meals since two days, so they're receiving local support from business men, but it's not enough for them for the next few days. So that's why we need to urgently distribute some food and to give to these people clean water.

INSKEEP: Rige is one of many foreign aid workers urging the government to allow outsiders to bring their skills to a devastated river delta. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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