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Imus Could Share Airtime with Soybeans

Don Imus goes out on the town in New York City.
Peter Kramer / Getty Images
Getty Images
Don Imus goes out on the town in New York City.

Don Imus is coming back to radio next month — but what about television?

One news report in the New York Times says Imus in the Morning might be simulcast on the little-known cable channel RFD-TV, whose founder says it serves "the needs and interests of rural America, horse lovers, farmers & ranchers."

CEO Patrick Gottsch says he has now had the chance to share meals with the controversial host, to spend time with his people and to ride around pickups with him.

"These are quality people," Gottsch says. "These are good, good people. If we do sign a deal with Imus in the Morning, we'll be proud to carry it."

On our blog, an open thread: Ready for the return of Imus?

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