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Woodward, Novak: Armitage Was Leak Source

The federal perjury trial of former vice presidential aide Lewis Libby continues at a federal courthouse in Washington, where the defense presented its first witnesses.

Libby's defense lawyers called some of the nation's best-known journalists to testify. Both Bob Woodward and Robert Novak said it was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage — not Libby — who told them the identity of an undercover CIA operative.

It was a column by Novak that made public the identity of Valerie Plame — whose husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, sought to discredit Bush administration claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Libby is accused of lying to federal investigators about his role in the leak. Earlier in the trial, journalists testified that Libby was the one who leaked that information to them.

Despite early reports that Libby would testify on his own behalf, it now appears likely that he will not speak at the trial.

Michele Norris talks with NPR's Nina Totenberg.

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